In a world gone a little crazy, one Aussie start-up is thriving by helping people to create and live their best life. 

Thriverapp is a single destination connecting people to the resources, habits and success-systems of exceptional people like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Gretchen Rubin, GaryVee, Brené Brown and many more. Developed by brothers-in-law Gareth Robinson and Jeremy Horne, Thriverapp connects its members with positive, life improving content and helps them build healthy new habits, proven to be game changing for some of their early beta users.

​“It’s about self-improvement not selfies”, says Gareth.

The Beta launch version is live on the App Store and Google Play with more than 4,000 life-improving content items, and an imminent Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. There are also big plans for a  blog, podcast and YouTube channel. 

The launch of Thriverapp is just in time for the post-COVID world.


To become one of the most trusted and effective wellness and self-development communities globally.


Building a simple system for people to embed healthy habits and live their best lives utilising AI Tech, the Five2Thrive (F2T) System and Challenges together with Thriver community support and accountability.

How do we achieve our mission?

Thriverapp helps people design and live their best lives by connecting them with life improving content and resources from exceptional people like Tim Ferriss, Gretchen Rubin, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwazenegger, Elon Musk, Brené Brown and more.


Max, our AI-powered life-coach*, provides members with advanced habit-forming tools, and personalised guidance from some of the world’s most exceptional people. He helps embed new habits, techniques and success-systems into our members’ lives.


To help turn theory into action, the Five2Thrive 21 day challenge is a fun and scientifically proven framework for members to embed their new healthy, life-improving habits.

*Under development.

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Our story

In 2017 Gareth came up with the idea to create a network of 'thrivers' who helped one another excel in life. He contacted his brother-in-law Jeremy and floated the idea of him running the digital side of the business (Jeremy being a digital strategist and all). 


Since then they've discovered thousands of exceptional people doing amazing things, However, finding that piece of advice, article, technique or habit that resonated sometimes felt like searching for a needle in a haystack! So they set to work creating a single online destination where people are able to discover and then embed the tools, techniques, habits and success-systems of exceptional performers.


After thousands of work hours and a personal investment of  over $80,000, Gareth and Jeremy launched the BETA version of Thriverapp on the App Store and Google Play in early 2020. The BETA version has over 4,000 content items and 500+ member profiles and Hero Lists*. 


Along the journey, they realised that simply reading or watching what someone else does to live their best life, does not always help you to live yours. Most of us need a little nudge to turn our heroes’ life lessons into our own life-changing habits... 


And this is where the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, Max, the F2T System and Challenge come in! With a little help from our founding ThriverappTM community and Kickstarter pledgers, we will raise funds to further develop F2T and bring Max to life to  help our members achieve huge life changes with minimal effort.


Finally, as we adjust to living with coronavirus, Gareth and Jeremy believe that Thriverapp™, their F2T System and Challenge can play a small but important role in helping individuals navigate what for many is a challenging time.


*Hero Lists are a compilation of the tools, resources, techniques and habits of someone who has expert knowledge and advice to share (they’re not perfect [no one is], but they do excel in one or more areas of expertise). All Hero List content and recommendations are collected and curated by our marvelous content team from publicly available sources.


Gareth (co-founder)

Gareth lives in Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia where he loves nothing better than spending time in and out of the water with his family and friends. He also enjoys giving back to the local community as a volunteer surf lifesaver. Since developing Thriverapp alongside Jeremy, some of the lessons he’s learned are the benefits of a morning routine, the importance of self-awareness, and that focusing on little things can make a big difference! A few of his favourite Thriverapp Heroes right now include Ryan Holiday, Gretchen Rubin,Gary Vaynerchuk, Rob Moore and Tim Ferriss.

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Jeremy (co-founder)

Jeremy lives in Perth, Australia where he loves nothing better than talking on the phone, Skype or WhatsApp with his BFAM. Jeremy has plenty of Thriverapp heroes, however, his biggest hero is Gareth.

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Our awesome BETA Users 

“It’s made me look at life differently, my existing habits, relationships, eating habits…” Paul


“What I like about Thriver is it provides you with one single place that captures all the things I’m interested in.” Jean-Philippe


“I've honestly been looking for something like this for years! It's an impressive start; I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys have planned for future releases.” Zaaron


It gives you a great snapshot of what all the heroes offer, whether that is their articles, podcasts, courses, etc.” Joannie


I've only been using it for a few days, but already it's becoming one of the most used Apps. I'm loving the clean interface and quick access to info that really make a difference in my life.” Jay


“Thriverapp provides a constant supply of amazing content which you can learn from.” Matt

Our primary target audience

Male and female aged between 25 and 42, living in the USA, UK and ANZ.


Interested in entrepreneurship, health, wellness and personal development.


Learn by consuming mobile content from:

  • Niche websites and blogs

  • Podcasts

  • YouTube

  • EDMs


They are fans of; Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gretchen Rubin, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington, Jack Dorsey, Dave Asprey, Deepak Chopra, Simon Sinek, Malala Yousafzai, Tony Robbins, James Clear, Seth Godin and many more


The challenges they have in improving themselves personally and professionally include:

  • Time-poor

  • Knowing where to start?

  • Too much advice and too many ‘gurus’

  • Their friends and family don’t understand their journey

How we help: Max, an AI-Powered Life Coach

Providing inspirational content, an engaged and supportive community is super-important, however, without a simple tool to embed learnings into life-changing habits we believe we’re failing in our mission to help people thrive in life...


Max helps our users do just that! He is an AI-Powered Life-Coach with a planned in-app release date of November 2020. Max can be personalised to best match users needs:


  • Mad Max - if you’re into ‘tough love’ then Mad Max is for you, but be careful because he’s a little bit crazy!

  • Motivational Max - anything is possible with Motivational Max in your corner and just three notifications a day.

  • Moderate Max - a hands off coach who is always there to help if you need him. 

  • Mellow Max - if you’re looking for the occasional nudge in the right direction then Mellow Max is your guy.

How we help: The F2T System

There are thousands of things we could all be doing to optimise our health and happiness, and live our best life. It turns out however that there are five simple practises that will have the biggest positive impact on our lives if we do them consistently. Here at ThriverappTM we call them ‘thrives’:


  1. Meditate: Find a form of meditation that feels good for you. Aim to do it or at least ten minutes each day.

  2. Move: Our bodies are designed to move and as a general rule, at least twenty minutes physical activity a day will improve your physical and mental health.

  3. Give: Find a way to give back that works for you; whether it’s giving your time to people in need, monetary donations, compliments or even just saying ‘thank you’ more often! And be sure to also give to yourself (ï.e. find time in your day to relax, reflect and learn).

  4. Eat Smart: Develop healthy eating habits; ‘eat the rainbow’, practise portion control and be patient as you improve not just your body but your mind!

  5. Take Action: Nothing will happen unless you take action. So, take responsibility for making a change and let us help you adopt the above four which will deliver massive results!


F2T is about focusing your efforts to get the biggest benefits in as short a timeframe as possible. The system is based on Pareto’s 80/20 rule, proven scientific theory and world class performers’ habits, routines and success-systems.

How we help: The F2T Challenge

Most of us need a little nudge once and a while to improve our habits - the F2T Challenge will help users to do just that! 


Start to live a happier and healthier life with the 21-day F2T Challenge:

  • Learn simple daily techniques which many of the world’s exceptional people use to excel

  • Become aware of your own personal barriers and enablers to success

  • Challenge yourselves to be accountable for their actions

  • Embed your own version of the 5-thrives into their daily routine


The challenge is based on the following:

  • Proven habit-forming and behavioural change theories 

  • A 2,000 year old philosophy

  • Performance-based coaching 

  • Transformational leadership theory

  • Thriver Heroes’ habits, routines and success-systems

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