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Did I ever tell you

you're my hero?

Thriver Hero Lists are compiled by our marvellous team and connect our members with the tips, techniques, habits and content that people like Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn and Arianna Huffington apply to help live their best lives.

We call these people heroes as they've achieved super results in one or more areas of their lives in ways that we respect and appreciate. However, Thriver Heroes aren't affiliated with Thriver in any way, though we'd welcome them all with open arms if they'd like to join the party and manage their own Thriver lists.

In the meantime our team manage our Hero Lists by searching for relevant, publicly available information and adding it to each hero's list so that our members can see what works for our heroes all in one convenient location - and then add anything they like the sound of to their own Thriver list.

We're constantly adding more heroes to Thriver, so keep an eye on your Inspiration feed to see what's new.


If you're a Thriverapp hero, or keen to discuss becoming one, we made this video just for you.


Have you been featured on Thriver as a Hero list, or would you like to join our fast growing community as a featured hero? Please get in touch for a chat!

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