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A positive habit forming app that simply works  

Thriver+ will turn your heroes' life lessons into your own healthy habits that stick!


The soon to be released Thriver+ combines a health and wellness content platform with a habit-forming app, creating one of the most effective ways for people to discover, learn and embed life improving habits and behaviours so that they become part of your DNA.

  1. Discover life-improving content, habits and routines of some of the world's most exceptional people

  2. Learn their recommendations, behaviours and routines that will work for you

  3. Embed them into your daily life as healthy new habits with support from the Thriver+ community, challenges and your personalised AI Life Coach


Live your best life

Developed by brothers-in-law Gareth Robinson and Jeremy Horne, the beta version of Thriverapp™ is a single destination connecting people to life improving resources, habits and success-systems of exceptional people* like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Gretchen Rubin, GaryVee, Brené Brown and many more. 


Thriver+, with it's AI powered life coach and in-app challenges, will be released early 2021. Importantly Thriver+ will not only connect people to positive, life improving content, it will make it easier for them to discover, learn and embed healthy new habits, proven to be game changing for their early beta users.

*Unless clearly stated, our Thriverapp heroes do not endorse Thriver+, and are not affiliated with Thriverapp in any way.

Say hello to Max!

It’s one thing to know what we should be doing to live our best life, it’s a whole different challenge to actually do it!

'Max', an AI-Powered life coach will connect our members with the people, content and habits most relevant to what they want to achieve, and work with them to embed their healthy new habits so that they become part of their DNA.


With four personalisation options, members can tailor Max to best meet their needs. If they’re into ‘tough love’ for example, “Mad Max” holds them accountable with 6+ daily notifications and brutally honest feedback when they fall behind. Whereas “Motivational”, “Moderate” and “Mellow Max” will offer softer, more varying degrees of in-app motivation and support. 

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Jo Robinson
September 2nd, 2019

“It's so much more than a powerful life list.  It's like having a personal guru in your pocket reminding you of what really matters and connecting you with the best life systems, techniques and heroes when you need them most.”

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