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Design and live your best life with Thriver+

Go beyond simply reading and listening to your heroes, make their life lessons and successful habits your own with Thriver+, an AI-Powered life coach in your pocket funded on Kickstarter!

We've searched the world to learn what makes Tim Ferriss, Gretchen Rubin, Tony Robbins and many more exceptional performers tick. Their Thriver Hero Lists are a compilation of the tools, resources, techniques, and habits of someone who has knowledge and advice to share. Remember, just like the rest of us, they’re not perfect, but they do excel in one or more areas of expertise that you might be keen to learn about and adopt into your own life. 

Meet a few of our Heroes* with success systems featured in Thriverapp, and then join for free to learn what makes them tick, and start to make their success systems your own.

Oh, and to be 100% clear, just because we've featured these heroes within Thriverapp™ doesn't mean they endorse the App in any way. All content featured within Thriverapp is publicly available online, and referenced back to the source. We've 'just' made it easy to access it all in one handy place, and created technology that enables you to build positive habits from the same success systems that work for our Thriverapp™ heroes and the Thriverapp™ community (yes, that's YOU!)

Thriver hero lists use creative commons images for photos of each hero. We thank each of the image owners for making them available for use via creative commons, and acknowledge each of them here.


Get Thriver+ Updates + Exclusives

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You're on the list you awesome human! Look out for an email with all the info soon :-)

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